Loyal to Few
Ruled by None

Aiswyda Bleimoenwyn

Legs as Long as Lances

Sociable, easygoing, and quick on the draw with a good-humored quip, Aiswyda is a headstrong woman that lives by a simple expression: "Do no harm, but take no shit."She prefers to live her life freely without too many strings attached. Fun, friends, flirtation, and a few pints of ale is her idea of a night well spent.


Names & Aliases





21st Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon


Sea Wolf Roegadyn





Marital Status



Bodyguard, lancer


The Mist


La Noscea

Patron Deity






Long, styled dark blue hair




Seafoam green


7fm, 4im



Distinguishing Features

Aiswyda wears a small amount of colorful makeup. Nothing about her is truly out of the ordinary for a roegadyn lass, save for the shorter folk who find her height intimidating.


Her clothing preference is breezy and comfortable.

Common Accessories

Linkpearl, small gold hoop earrings, gaudy, oversized rings on each index finger, lance


Positive Traits

Confident, dauntless, good-humored

Neutral Traits

Forthright, bold, imposing

Negative Traits

Stubborn, assertive, loud


Aiswyda is a roe of simple pleasures. She spends her down time lounging and drinking. If she's looking for something a bit more exciting, she'll hit up the Gold Saucer or take on a bounty. She's never one to resist a challenge and loves brawling as much as the next Sea Wolf.

Dislikes & Fears

Aiswyda dislikes a lot of things, but most of it can be thrown under a blanket for simplicity's sake; if it's stupid and it doesn't have to be, then she's probably miffed.She hates bottomfeeding types.She fears losing her freedom, coblyns, and morbols.


Ask her! She speaks of her past openly.


  • Aiswyda's lance is named "My Point" so she can get it across.

  • She knows her way around the aethernet. Her previous job gave her no choice, and she can tolerate traveling incredible distances through aetherytes as a result.

  • Her family tree is truly massive. Most of her immediate family lives on her parents' orchard, with others branching out over La Noscea and beyond.

  • Zirnhaemr is her cousin.


Approachable(?) Atmosphere

Aiswyda tries to keep herself open to making new friends, despite her liability to be intimidating.


Aiswyda loves throwing around a lance every opportunity she gets.

The Spirit of Competition

Aiswyda enjoys sparring, drinking contests, races-- any kind of fierce face-offs that will get the fire in her roaring.


Aiswyda's past is fairly simple. I would like her most formative experiences to come from the RP she takes part in.

Out of Character


  • I'm Joel- 24 years old, freelance artist, and professional himbo appreciator.

  • All my characters are lore adherent, but I am not lore strict! So long as a story has a reasonable explanation, then I am open to it.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly, and most if not all my characters fall under the umbrella.

  • I do my absolute best to match posts, but my post length naturally errs on the shorter side because I tend to become shy and lock up in group RP settings. My post length gets longer the more time I have to relax and think.

  • I struggle with my memory, so I am prone to making honest mistakes, lore or otherwise. If you catch one feel free to bump me and let me know!

  • I am typically available for ingame RP between 6pm and 11pm EST on weekdays, and all day on weekends.

  • I prefer to be acquainted and communicative with my long term RP partners.

  • If you want to set something up or discuss story hooks, feel free to ask for my Discord or message me ingame!

Rules of Engagement

  • IC =/= OOC! Any of my characters' potentially harmful opinions, beliefs, and actions do not reflect my own. However, I do acknowledge that sometimes certain subject matters do affect people outside of the game, so please do not hesitate to communicate your comforts!

  • Most RP themes accepted! I excel most in lighthearted, humorous settings, but also appreciate plot and dark themes as well.

  • Will not RP: ERP outside of plot progression, excessively dark, taboo, or inappropriate themes, and character death.

Writer's Notes

Thanks to my forgetful nature, I keep these notes to ensure I am always on my A-game when writing Aiswyda.
Not sure how you ended up here if I didn't link you, but there's lots of spoilers and meta knowledge here, so turn away now if you're not interested.


Aiswyda claims her past is overall unremarkable and speaks of it openly. She spent her childhood on her parents' orchard wrangling her younger brother and sister and being regarded as the bossy sibling for it.A disease swept through her family's orchard shortly after she left home for the first time, and she resorted to desperate measures to ensure her family remained housed and fed for the next couple of years as they recovered financially. Without hesitation, she signed her life away to work she was told she'd likely be trapped within until her final days.Before long her family was standing on surer footing, and she began to reap the aftereffects of what she'd sown; Aiswyda was now trapped within a choice that indefinitely restricted her freedom. Her own doom began sinking in deep like a chill.Aiswyda's salvation came in the form of a "stupid little man" with a silver tongue and connections. Strings were pulled behind closed doors, and just like that she was relieved of her duties. Overwhelmingly grateful to him, Aiswyda gladly took up new mantle as his personal bodyguard, and later on as security head of the Blackbriar Company. She can come and go as she needs, and the freedom of choice is what secures where her loyalties lie.

How to write an Aiswyda:

  • Aiswyda is a woman of principle and doing right by her associates. When she says she will do something, she says so with intention to move forward boldly and unfettered.

  • She holds her "do no harm, but take no shit" mantra closely to her heart. Not only is it a promise to do good by everyone else, it's also a promise to do good by herself as well. And sometimes doing good by one's self entails being quite vocal.

  • Aiswyda voices her opinions loudly and proudly... if the timing is not completely inopportune. She makes an effort to read the room to determine if her two gil is necessary or possibly detrimental to a situation. She is very unlikely to mouth off during a job.

  • Aiswyda's freedom is a huge importance to her. After grappling with the possibility of never having it again for the rest of her days, she clings to it now more than ever, desperate not to take it for granted.

  • Aiswyda held a starry-eyed desire of becoming a dragoon as a younger lass after learning of them from her storied grandfather. She trained furiously, but as she grew older she realized it wasn't meant to be. It wasn't for naught-- she did find that she loved the lance as a weapon on its own, sans the Ishgardian flair. She went on to become Nifty's retainer thanks to her focused training.

  • Aiswyda has a great disdain for sleazy, greedy types that look at women as objects (though none of that is mutually exclusive)-- especially those that remind her of her former boss's boss. The restraint she had to show in front of Rerejagu was immeasurable. The man was vile and represented literally everything she despises, all condensed in a little shitty manlet.

  • There is plenty Aiswyda doesn't like, but not much that she truly hates. What she does hate she does so very viscerally, displaying gritted teeth, hair on the back of her neck standing on end, and a very palpable desire to remove it from existence.

  • Aiswyda has never been in a proper relationship. Her jobs were too demanding, whether that be taking care of her family's orchard or working with Nifty.

  • She and Nifty however shared a few flings under mutual agreement that it was just to blow stress. Someone will catch her dead before she admits to ever sleeping with the old coot though.

  • Aiswyda has a soft spot for women. Call her a misandrist or whatever, but she is more likely to have a positive first impression of a lady. Aiswyda's default impression of men is usually skeptical, but she'll give anyone a fair chance.

  • Aiswyda is not afraid of much, but her fear of coblyns and morbols actually stem from her youth. She was teased frequently by her older cousin Zirnhaemr, and among that was convincing her of creatures from swamps and caves coming for her in the dead of night.

  • Zirnhaemr was quite cruel to anyone he came in contact with in his youth. The first time he picked a fight Aiswyda would be his very last-- she fought back and crushed him, shouting and asking him the whole time how he liked it. Zirn was later excommunicated as a result of this encounter.

  • A ton of Aiswyda's family lives on her parents' orchard: Mum, Pops, her two younger siblings, uncle from Pop's side, uncle from Mum's side and his wife, five cousins, grandmother (Gram), grandfather (Pap), and great-grandmother (Nanna). Her great-grandfather is recently deceased.